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Service Commitment

Service Commitment

Mizrachi Marble's aim is quality service for our customers. We try to give each and every customer the best product, service and warranty, by truly listening to his needs and preferences and finding the best solution for him.

We employ the best professionals in the line of service, and do the utmost to maintain quality products and satisfied customers.

Proper Use of Marble Surfaces

Buy a flat sink?
Please deliver the sink to us (without accessories) close to the time of installation of the kitchen cabinets. Unless otherwise stipulated a hole for the tap will be made in the center (if that is not possible – it will be made on the right side). We do not make holes for taps in stainless steel sinks. A sink bought with us is supplied without a drain pipe. With contracting companies, it is necessary to coordinate the payment for irregular plumbing with the Department dealing with changes.

Have a built-in range on the countertop?
Please give us the range measurements. If not specified the standard measurements will be cut 49X56 cm.

Kitchen cabinets installed?
  • check that the cabinets are without damage, level and attached
  • check that the openings cut in the cabinets fit the size of your sink and range
  • if the measurements are incorrect Mizrachi Marble does not tend to the cabinets, the carpentry company does.
Order a bathroom cabinet with undermount sink?
Make sure there is a support pole under the sink. Without support – the sink may fall!

As a rule: Mizrachi Marble only installs flat and integral sinks!

Did we install the marble?
Check the marble. If there is anything wrong, call us immediately and cover the marble and sink to avoid any intentional or unintentional damage.

How to clean marble
Scrub the surface with Scotch-Brite and lots of warm water and soap. Dirt or scale that does not come off can be removed using Astonish or Hepi by Jacobi or Anti Kalk by Sano.
For your information – The marble leaves the plant covered with a layer of wax for protection and as a result may not look polished. Cleaning it with soap and water will return its luster.

On a day to day basis?
  • Avoid contact with base materials (such as caustic soda, Sano Oven Cleaner or liquid dishwasher detergent) which may damage the marble surface
  • Avoid placing Shabbat hot plates, very hot pots and pans directly on the marble surface, but rather on an insulated surface
  • Do not use the surface for hardware jobs, etc.
  • Do not stand on the surface
  • Avoid contact with oil and other staining materials on natural granite and marble such as California, Sahara, Bianco, Meshi, Jufra, Sardo, Coral J, Alpina, etc. because of the high absorbency level of the material
  • Granite – like glass – may crack under pressure or changes of temperature. There is no guarantee
Thank you for buying from us. We will do our utmost to provide you with the best service possible.
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